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Hello, and welcome to the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos! I’m Duth Olec, the guy who makes the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos. What is the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos? You can find out here!

This site is the hub for the crazy stories of the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos. Although it’s not yet far past the beginning, the future ahead seems endless. There’s currently one short story, a slew of profiles on people and places and things in the CCC, and info on my first novel, as well as links to where you can read excerpts and buy it.



Click the cover to read about Slubes, my first novel, where you can also read a free preview, or see it on Amazon or Smashwords.

My first short story on this site, Tough as Blades, is available to read for free!

You can also read my blog or Twitter for updates on what I’m doing.

Want to contact me for some reason? Find out how here! Want to contact me for no reason? … Also find out how there!

Hope you have fun! Hope to have fun!

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