“The Coming-Up Bigger-Than-a-Breadbox Thingamajiggy” Blog Hop

I mean The Next Big Thing. *insert harp music here* BLAARG HARP

Apparently I was tagged to do an interview thing and… then tagged to do another interview thing. I wanted to wait until I had more solid information on when Slubes could possibly come out, but because of my fear of commitment this probably won’t happen until I’d be able to have released it three days earlier. I can announce that I’ve formatted the file for the physical copy though, so things are progressing! I will once again remark that if there are still errors I will haaaate myself.

So, here’s a secret: I really like answering questions and doing stuff like this. It may go on a bit long. I was tagged by Landphil over here, and—wait. I need to tag people, don’t I? Uhh. Does that involve going out into the wild and tranquilizing something? Because I don’t even like going outside the front door. Do you know how much not-air-conditioning is out there??

Okay look I don’t even know anybody. I’m just gonna deal with this at the end because IT’S QUESTION TIME Endless Interview →


It’s time for political remarks corner!

That’s the part of the show I mean blaarg where I make half the world hate me, and the other half… ehhh, just tolerant. Usually stuff like this I’d just throw up on Twitter, but that’s only 140 characters and I don’t have enough room so hex with it here we go!

yaaay political →

It’s done! It’s done! It’s fina-lully done!

There’s no more time for expectasche, it’s done! IT’S DONE!

Yes, after 159 weeks, I have finally finished my first novel, Slubes! Not every 1113 of those days were spent working on it–a lot were spent working on college–but on Sunday, February 21st, 2010, I began writing the first draft of Slubes, and now, Sunday, April 7th, 2013, I have finished the proofreading final draft! I shall now officially say that it! is! done!

Okay so maybe more information later in the week because now comes the next challenge, figuring out Createspace.

Oh, wait, was I supposed to start posting more often?

Yeah, I had planned to start doing that–at least once a week, although since that included Obscure Authors Alliance that wasn’t really posting here, but then I got super busy with PROOFREADING! I’ve started doing the final proofreading for my novel. Grammar, spelling, punctuation–it’s time to make it all right! And it’s taking a lot of time and concentration! So in a week, I might start saying things again.

All I can say for now is, if after this there are still mistakes in the story, I am going to haaaate myseeeelfff.

I imagine professional proofreaders automatically do by default.