National Novel Writing Month is… (checks invisible watch) Almost Over!


So, uh, if you aren’t done, YOU STILL HAVE TIME. As for me…




I did, however, finish nine days early on the 21st. I could’ve done it earlier, actually, but around that time started getting an urge to watch videos of old video games.

How did I do, though?


Species Profile: Turtle and Spiest

Is it still November? I don’t even know how many of these I’ve done ahead of time. Anyway, today’s (first?) species is the turtle, one of the few species to appear in Slubes that is from a far-off continent instead of the islands, although only one appears in the novel. It’s also the second species after the ostrich to be based on one from Earth. Quoted from the species appendix in Slubes:

Turtles on Mintop don’t look much different from Earth turtles, specifically the box turtle, except that they stand on two feet. They come from the nearest continent, as opposed to the islands the story takes place on. Their average lifespan is about 120 years.

Click to read more on the turtle and anything on the spiest

Species Profile: Spleech

So far all the species we’ve looked at have been from Mintop. The spleech, however, are the only species to appear in Slubes that are not from Mintop. I don’t think the name of their planet was ever specified in Slubes, but it’s probably very far away. Quoted from the species appendix in Slubes:

Spleech have tall, elongated heads with similarly-elongated eyes. A hard flap of skin covers the back of their heads and most of the front, and a line of dots around the bases of their thin necks is used for speaking. Their torsos are very petite and radiates out to four tentacles. Their society was conquered by The Conqueror thousands of years ago, and now nearly all of them work under his command. Spleech never know their parents but instead have a family unit consisting of three to seven siblings. Their average lifespan can range from 30 to hundreds of years and beyond.

Spleech! SPLEECH!

Species Profile: Ostrich

Still November… I assume! ‘Cause it’s the past! Quoted from the species appendix in Slubes:

Ostriches on Mintop generally look the same as those on Earth, except their bodies are straighter and taller. They also have slightly shorter necks and legs. Many ostriches lead a sedentary lifestyle. Their average lifespan is about 60 years, though the healthier and more active ostriches have been known to live over 80.

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Species Profile: Floggle

Hey there! It’s November, which means it’s NaNoWriMo! I wrote this back in October ahead of time, so I have no idea what’s going on! So let’s just get to it, aside from everything before the end of this sentence. Quoted from the species appendix in Slubes:

Floggles are creatures related to frogs with heads and torsos combined into one. Most of their height is from appendages twice the height of their torso, thin but very flexible and strong. This makes them look not unlike heads with appendages. They have wide mouths and eyes on the top corners of their heads. Their average lifespan is about 70 years.

Physical Characteristics

The outward appearance of the floggle, as quoted from my personal encyclopedia: “Floggles are green frog creatures. Their heads are sort of fused into their torsos, leaving them with a small body and no neck, but their appendages are twice as long and very flexible, somewhat thin but still strong. This gives them about the same height as a slube; they’re sort of like a head with arms and legs. They have eyes on the top corners of their heads and have wide mouths.”

Floggles’ torsos look pretty much like that of Earth frogs, but what really distinguishes their appearance from Earth frogs are the long appendages, which give them the height of a slube despite having a body not much bigger than a slube’s head. These long appendages can be somewhat disconcerting as they grow old, though, as near the end of their life they will sometimes fall off. Most floggle will choose to be euthanized at that point.

History and Culture

Oh wow, I don’t really have much to say at this point! I guess this means there aren’t really any recurring themes in their culture; maybe there will be more light shed on their history at a later point, though.

National Novel Writing Month: Day 1

I have Fridays off, so I was able to spend all (or most of the) day starting up NaNoWriMo.

5433 words? 2 chapters? I am exceeding my expectations. I am excited, I must say. I’ve done the work of 3 days in one. Sunday or Monday I should have a real estimate of how long this novel will be, but early signs say it’ll be longer than I expected.

100,000 words, I’m coming for you.

Also, I forgot to mention it, but if I do finish NaNo (that is, just the 50,000 words in November), I will give Slubes a price drop for December. I wanted to make it half, but that would be lower than would be allowed, so maybe 60%? And other prices for Europe because wonkiness but point is it’ll be as much on sale as I can do in December should I finish NaNo.

Th… This isn’t really something anyone besides me can affect, so it’s kind of weird, though. But whatever. I’m doing it.