Some advice…

While talking on a phone, don’t think about how you’re sending vibrations up a tube and out a hole in your head that you morph into shapes along with a tentacle inside that hole in order to create random sounds that people interpret as speech.


I Thought I’d Forgotten Something in that Last Post…

It never fails: make a big post covering a lot of stuff and you’re bound to forget something!

The price cut for Slubes in December is over. The price has returned to normal, but a new normal. The paperback version is now permanently at $8.99, and the Smashwords e-book is at a mere 99 cents. Because I’m crazy. The Kindle version is still stuck at $2.99 because I can’t lower it anymore than that, so you’ve got to really love your Kindle to buy that one instead, I guess. Personally I have to suggest paperback just because it’s prettier.

Along with this, Slubes has had a tiny update. Like, six changes: two identical updates to my email, two punctuation changes, a word removal, and a word change. This is incredibly important!! It’s so important that it is version 1.1. One! Point!! One!

This will probably be a yearly thing, should I find other small things that could be fixed in the span of just a few minutes. Someday I may look back, see that I was a sucky writer years ago, and make a version 2.0, but for now that semicolon is enough to make things clearer.

Anyway I hope the fact that these are all super-minor changes means that my rushing through the process of making it again doesn’t mess anything up! TIME TO PLUNGE AHEAD!

(It may take some days for the updates to update.)

2013 Retrospective: Continue With the Cliche Posts!

Like having a post for Christmas is probably cliche, having one looking back on the previous year is probably even moreso. And yet, I have to do it, because 2013 was probably the biggest year for me… ever??

Read all about it, if you will!