Maybe this term will catch on, probably it won’t??

The chapters I post on here are not the final version. Hopefully that was obvious with Slubes… but it’s the case with Darmenzi, as well. The final version–the finished version–will be in book format. Final and finished. Sooo… what do I call the version I post on this site?

I’ve used several names, none of which I’ve been satisfied with. Unfinished, pre-final, not-completely-edited, not-the-finished-version… okay, some of these are phrases. I can’t use unedited because they are edited, just not fully. Early edition is another I used, but it sounds weird. I’ve considered beta, like with video games, but that’s more of a video game term that’s not even always used accurately.

Finally I thought of in-progress version. Sounds a bit long, though, even if it’s not an entire phrase. So, um, what about just “prog”? Prog version. Short for in-progress. Ignoring Pikmin, which has an extra G and is very smoky, not too much uses prog. Look, progressive rock, you can just use prog rock. What would you do if another music became progressive, like polka? Prog polka??

Anyway. I don’t know if the term will catch on, but it’s what I’m using. … for now. New chapter next week!


Darmenzi Chapter 2 is available

Darmenzi Chapter 2: Celebration Blowout is available. In this chapter, everything is ruined. This… This happens several times throughout the story, actually. It features the return of everyone’s favorite cephalopod (would you BELIEVE this spellcheck doesn’t have cephalopod? I fixed it) Con’.

In Slubes news, it’s ready to go back to my editor. Now that it’s out of my hands for a little bit, I just need to get a couple months ahead on Darmenzi and suddenly I’m not in a constant state of emergepanichaos anymore! Yay!