A brief story of grunkiness

Grunkiness is basically what I’m calling how I’ve been feeling kinda depressed lately. For various reasons that all may just be capitalism, but let me tell you about myself this morning.

I stopped drinking disposable bottles of water a while ago. Bad for the environment, you see. I just use an old reusable water bottle and fill it from the tap. Except it’s a little bit leaky when you shake it. Well, I drink Crystal Light, so when I shake it up it kinda leaks, so I usually screw the lid on tight. Anyway I screwed it on too tight and the bottle’s dumb straw got dislodged and I couldn’t open it and I gave up on it and chucked it in the sink and just went to lie down because I’m sick of the dang thing.

In my annoyance I forgot that I actually do have bigger packets you mix into a pitcher of water, but I usually end up not actually making some because it’s such a hassle and annoying and I never feel like I have any time anyway. Except. While I was lying down I told myself that, really, it’s not that big a deal to do it. And my brain responded, “yes it iiiiiis.”

so anyway is that a sign of depression

That said I made myself get up to make some, told myself that when I’m out I’m going to start immediately making some, and

I feel kind of happy now??

I’ll take it!


Let’s look at some wild animals of Zhop! or, talk about our feelings

Yeah here’s a profile on the wild animals of Zhop. That’s about it!

Been feeling kind of mentally crummy this week which is why there’s been no Odemon. I’ll probably return to it next week, but it’s hard for me to now see fan works as not “free advertising for a capitalist institution”.

If only I’d done, like, Odertale instead or something. “Odewebcomics which is one of the few forms of media I don’t see terribly tainted by capitalism”.

Of course, the somewhat official loss of net neutrality on Monday didn’t help. It all kind of makes it hard to feel like there’s ANYTHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO ANYMORE. Everything is bad and will get worse. You know the only thing I feel I can look forward to now?

Writing novels and stories.

Which is less sustainable without net neutrality…

Odemon #402

Kricketune go play your song
Let no one say that it’s wrong
Music plays out from your arms
Everybody loves your charms
Kricketune can play a tune
In the light of the full moon
and if someone doesn’t like it you CUT THEM
Wait no that is impolite
A gentlebug must not fight
Kricketune has a mustache
Gentlebugs must not be rash

-Odemon #402 Kricketune

Odemon #131

Several small Pokemon stood at the shore, looking at an island in the distance. Today they were going for a visit to the island for a bit of a tropical vacation. They just needed to wait for their ferry.
The water rippled, and a long neck emerged from the water. A Lapras appeared, and the Pokemon cheered for their ferry.
“Ach! Na nee’ ta’ cheer fur me, ya wee ‘Mons,” Lapras said. “I’m jist here doing ma job. Now, wha is ready fur a trip doon to thae bonnie island?”
The small Pokemon looked at each other.
“I didn’t understand a word of that,” Cleffa said.
“Ach, it’s a sair fecht, wee Cleffa. We a’ hae to jist try to understan each ither th’ bes’ we can. I’s how we Lapra’ dinna owereat th’ wee fush efter they conservatin’ chiel helped brin’ us back.”

-Odemon #131 Lapras

Odemon #78

Galloping fast
Rapidash runs
Speeds away at
One-fifty speed
Ten second mark
Reaches top speed
Gallops away
Flames trail behind

-Odemon #78 Rapidash

Odemon #755

Sleepytime mushroom, drifting spore
Dangerous to see the Lull of More
Wait, that’s how I’m going to do this? Lull of More? Next it’ll be the Saur of Bulba, or the Air of Dragon.
Sparkling spore from the mushroom that glows
Put to sleep then eat the dreams of its foes
Sap away the strength and Attack goes down
Heal up the damage then something something noun.
“Something something noun?” Seriously? what am i even doing

-Odemon #755 Morelull

Odemon #339

Fresh water flowing
Mist above, mud lies below
Barboach hides under

-Odemon #339 Barboach

Odemon #350

Beautiful Pokemon, Milotic by name,
Puts the looks of the others to shame,
But if Milotic’s beauty truly wows,
Why does it have such weird eyebrows?

-Odemon #350 Milotic

Odemon #771

Pyukumuku is
a long name which means it’s hard
to fit it in a

Give me a break, Pyukumuku, I got started late. Besides, what do you have going for you? You don’t even have any real attacking moves!
“I HAVE THIS *Innards Out organ punches the author*”

-Odemon #771 Pyukumuku

Odemon #355


-Odemon #355 Duskull