Pokemon Moon Comic 97: Team Update 12

Komala and evolved Toucannon.


Pokemon Moon Comic 96: Malie Garden


Pokemon Moon Comic 95: Not Even Good Enough For Me To Be Your Fake

mimikyu and splash-z is slightly op in-game

Pokemon Moon Comic 94: Ultra Beast

It’s true, you can literally just leave this area while this weird jellyfish is floating there (menacingly). You can leave Aether Paradise. Just for the sake of accuracy I went home in the game!

Pokemon Moon Comic 93: Villain

what is this dialogue

Pokemon Moon Comic 92: Short

did they use katie tiedrich as the height reference

No seriously now that the overworld has full-size humans you can see just how figgin short they make you.

Pokemon Moon Comic 91: Costume

I 100% swear to you I came up with this idea before we even knew about Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, let alone Rainbow Rocket.

Pokemon Moon comic 90: Farfetch’d

Maybe I shouldn’t bonk somebody who just gave me a gift but eh

Pokemon Moon Comic 89: Employee-Only

Later it turns out this restricted area is just OUTSIDE. At THE FRONT. ??? I thought it’d be like a lab or a Pokemon injury ward or something.

Pokemon Moon Comic 88: Safari Zone

it’s almost like game freak forgot other regions existed