Odemon #636

L is for Larva, ’cause it’s just a buggy pup
A is for Attacus atlas, yes I looked that up
R is for Radiant, ’cause it shoots fire from its horn
V is Volcano, the place it is born
E is for Ember, its starting attack
S is the Sun, where it was once believed to shack
T is for Torch, to which it’s akin
A is Again, because A’s here again

-Odemon #636 Larvesta


Odemon #806

‘Round and ’round the Lum Berry tree
The Mankey chased the Blacephalon
The Mankey thought it was all in fu
[The rest of the parchment has burnt away. The parchment was found in a 500 meter radius charred crater]

-Odemon #806 Blacephalon

Odemon #702

He was the rat king.
Well, they were the rat king.
I mean, of COURSE Dedenne would get their tails tangled up. Their tails look like a cable. A cable’s purpose is to get tangled!
Some Dedenne try to claim this is actually their Mega form, but, like, it’d be a pretty garbage Mega. They can hardly synchronize their movements. They constantly zap each other. Hex, it would take a Mega Stone just to get them in fighting shape!
So when one of the Dedenne in this twisted tail pile found what they said was certainly a Dedennite, all the others rejoiced.
then it turned out to just be a geodude who punched them a bit
sorry, this one’s depressing

-Odemon #702 Dedenne

Odemon #477

The name’s Noir.
I’m a private eye. By which I mean, I have one eye, and it’s private. It sees things. Lots of things. Things you wouldn’t believe. Things you wouldn’t be able to see, and since seeing is believing, QED. My eye sees things in the spirit world. And it’s private about it. Anything I see, I won’t go blabbing about. I’m a private eye like that.
I’m also a private investigator. I look into things. I keep it secret. Sometimes, though, I’m also a conductor.
You see—Well, take the instance of this one dame. She was a legend at this point, a 2000 year-old legend. But she was tired of it. She was ready to move on. But she’d been waiting, waiting these 2000 years for her lost lover. It’s an old story, really. A 2000 year-old story. I’d heard it hundreds of times. It’s always the same. He went off to fight in some war and never returned. But she waited for him. Waited through death, waited for 2000 years.
I figured she’d waited long enough. I took the case.
Had to go halfway across the whole world to do it, too. But I finally got a trail. This big-shot Jellicent saw the man. Lucky her she hadn’t dragged their crew under the waves those centuries ago or I’d have had to deal with her, but she pointed me down the right path.
In the end, I found the old spirit, far from his home, far from his lived mind. By now he remembered almost nothing of his life as alive, but he’d been haunting some neck of the woods this Mismagius dame looked over. With what I knew of the spirit’s story, she was able to whip up some magic to remind that old army spirit of his old life. Once he had his memory back, I stuffed him in my gut—seriously, I’m like a taxi service here—and took him home. Once he and his old flame were back together, I led them to the spirit world. Those two kids could finally be together. And hey, fewer spirits around here to worry about.
Still, there’ll always be others. But I don’t mind.
After the ending, I make happy epilogues.

-Odemon #477 Dusknoir

Odemon #211

Puffer, huffer, fish of Qwil’
Spiky body, watery fill
Laugh at sight, faint at touch
Honestly, at first look, Qwilfish ain’t much.

-Odemon #211 Qwilfish

Odemon #367

Hunt, Hunt, Hunt, it’s the Huntail! Into action is its shout! From the ocean to the city, it will come there (eventually), to bite evil in the snout!
Clamperl was a poor Clamperl, hungry without chomp, ’till the day it saved a chunky Spheal from being eaten by a Marshtomp. The Spheal rewarded Clamperl with a magic sack of many a tooth. It gained strength, and speed, and shiny teeth, and as a Huntail was made newth!
Hunt, Hunt, Hunt, it’s the Huntail! It bites the pants off the bad guys. If there’s an emergency, sound the Clam of Urgency, and summon the Huntail. Into action is its cry!

-Odemon #367 Huntail

Odemon #676

The Star of the Kabuki has a Heart of Diamond and is a Dandy Debutante worthy of a Pharaoh and the role of a Matron: Furfrou. Now somebody explain to me what figgin La Reine means.

-Odemon #676 Furfrou

Odemon #198

Flying through the dark night sky,
Shadowy save for its evil eye,
A sparkling glint held in a beak
From a shiny ring stolen by this sneak.
Its ring deposited in a nest
Where this crooked creature stops to rest.
Soon they’ll fly like a feathered witch
To steal more objects they deem rich.
Ill fortune bodes when they fly near
Bringing to them loathing, hate, and fear.
They’re not bad, nor good, though,
Take them as they come–Murkrow.

-Odemon #198 Murkrow

Odemon #701

Flying through the sky!
Fighting way high!
Beating back foes!
Putting on a show!
High Jump Kick
the landing they’ll stick!
Sky Attack
enemies crack!
Feather Dance
take another chance!
Aerial Ace
then you’ll save face.
Detect! Endeavor! Fling! Home Claws!
Now stop to Roost for a brief pause.
Flying through the sky!
Fighting way high!
Finally, it’s Flying Press!
Use it and leave your foes a mess!
Win a trophy, for you are the best!
Use it to make an awesome nest!
Flying through the sky!
Fighting way high!

-Odemon #701 Hawlucha

Odemon #585

In the spring is fresh
Pink fur and whoa whoa whoa now, wait a sec,
Another season haiku so quick? Well heck,
Let’s not repeat, let’s get a different beat,
Let’s try something different and neat.
It’s Deerling, hear? These little fawns
Change their look as a new season dawns.
First we have Spring,
As the birds take wing,
We got pink Deerling,
On its head is flower bling.
Next we got Summer,
This heat is a bummer,
The green fur’s a newcomer,
As the bugs are all-a-hummer.
Third season’s Autumn,
Orange fur’s got ’em,
Hide in the leaves as they taught ’em,
Color unchanging on the bottom.
Fourth season’s Winter,
Like the others it’s a tinter
Of the fur that is not hinter
‘Cause now this fawn’s a brown sprinter.

-Odemon #585 Deerling