Here are the primary characters of the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos and their profile posts.

Alden: A bookworm who sets out to experience the world in full but finds it trampling his ideals and, well, him. Appears in Wandering Fortunes

Cagnorm: A magma monster created by Conrad the Conqueror with control over the volcano Mount Chiphus. Appears in Slubes, Darmenzi

Chee: Power-hungry shiffle with a calm demeanor and bad attitude. To her, most cleeple are little more than pests. Appears in Slubes, Darmenzi

Cherry: An outgoing, confident martial arts girl who’s looking to get out into life. Appears in Slubes, Darmenzi

Conrad the Conqueror: An intergalactic invader who travels the cosmos and conquers worlds. Appears in Slubes, Darmenzi

Czar Spiest: The new ruler of spiest made huge by Conrad the Conqueror’s technology. A ghost with a laser. Appears in Slubes, Darmenzi

Darmenzi: Demon trapped below Mintop’s surface who had a hand in some past disasters of the town Nottle. Origin unknown. Appears in Darmenzi

Numer: The happenstance hero with a nervous disposition. Appears in Slubes, Darmenzi

Sal: A sly, sneaky, stupid, silly, senseless, skillful snake. Appears in Slubes, Darmenzi

Sawn: A buzzsaw brought to life through Conrad the Conqueror’s technology. Now acts as a very fast and very angry agent of his. Appears in SlubesDarmenzi, “Tough as Blades”

Terrent: He’s just a kid! But he’s got a mean streak only rivaled by his bratty streak. Agent of Conrad the Conqueror, for some reason. Appears in Slubes, Darmenzi

Top: A beach ball brought to life through magic. They’s hyperactive and crazy and hungry, but a loyal friend when not distracted. Spouts nonsense. Appears in Wandering Fortunes

Wrodin: A war machine from ancient times brought to life by Conrad the Conqueror’s technology. Explosions! Appears in Slubes, Darmenzi

Professor Zeth: A scatterbrained scientist with an ever-chipper attitude. Appears in Slubes, Darmenzi

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