Character Profile: Cherry

A primary character of Slubes, Cherry is a slube who could easily be described as outgoing. She has a real gusto for life and strives to get out into it and find excitement. Although I often refer to her as the competent one, she can be rash and doesn’t always look before she leaps. She has confidence in her abilities, though, something she wishes her father had in her too.

Cherry’s lived all her life in Nottle, often restrained by her overprotective and ever-worried father, Merag Caleco. Although he allowed her to take martial arts lessons when she was younger (something that she embraced and continues to excel in), he largely tries to keep her from risky activities or leaving the village without an escort. Cherry hopes to prove with this journey to her father that he doesn’t have to be so protective of her, but hopefully he doesn’t worry himself into a breakdown!

Due in part to her father’s restrictions, Cherry also spent her time researching slube history. Through this she learned of legends connecting the ancient town crystal to previous town disasters and/or catastrophes.

Cherry is 23 years old in Slubes, 24 years old in Darmenzi.

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