Character Profile: Czar Spiest

A major antagonist in Slubes, Czar Spiest was once an ordinary (if ordinary can describe them) spiest. However, in the events of Slubes, The Conqueror transforms it into a giant spiest with the ability to shoot a laser from its eye, and it declares itself the new czar of spiest, declaring that the era of the spiest as harmless pranksters is over–now they will become frightening fiends of terror.

Czar Spiest is far more serious than most spiest, though it does occasionally play tricks and pranks on cleeple. It reprimands other spiest for playing silly pranks, though, and has a dark streak that almost makes it demonic in its actions. Though it may be silly one moment, it can switch to sinister in an instant and considers itself a ruler alongside The Conqueror, commanding its army of spiest.

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