Character Profile: Sal

Sal is a snake. No, really, he’s an actual snake–no appendages, long, green, striped body… he’s got a big, a HUGE head with a mouth that could swallow a television set whole. His eyes sit on two cones atop his head, a shape mirrored on the bottom half. He’s got triangle-shaped eyes, too, striped green, and, really, his entire body is just striped green.

Sal’s size belies his attitude, but his attitude belies his prowess. He’s kind of a doofus. He acts foolish and makes a lot of stupid remarks, but he’s no fool—he can actually be quite clever and is quicker to trick than to be tricked. Still, he’s a bit of a nutty goof. He’s got some tricks up his skin, though—first, The Conqueror’s gene splicer multiplied his size and length, and it also gave him the ability to spit up acid that can quickly dissolve even stone.

Sal is 8 years old in Slubes, 9 years old in Darmenzi (although his age closer to 32 in snake years).

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