Everything is Bimblesnaff! You can pretty much find me at various places by the name of “dutholec” with a few exceptions. Just stick an for e-mail, put an @ in front of it for Twitter, Skype… you actually might have to look for “topmonhit” for Skype, I’m not sure how that works. Nano has a space between Duth and Olec. DeviantArt now has my correct name of DuthOlec; this image is outdated. I’m also on Discord as Duth Olec. Wattpad is CloudyCuckooCosmos, and Medium is also a place I am at by the name of dutholec. I need to update that image sometime.

No Facebook. Ever.

I used to use a Yahoo email address but I no longer do, so any emails sent there will be forever ignored/not reach anything as I deleted the account.

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