Nutso Novelist

As a writer, author, and novelist, I sometimes say things about these subjects. Here are some of those things.

On Genres-7/5/2013

“I don’t like to categorize my writing. IT GOES WHERE IT FLOWS.”

On Modern Tools-3/31/2013

“The keyboard is mightier than the sword and the pen, because you can both write things and smack people in the face with it!”

Character Idea-3/17/2013

“Character idea: Elrond Hubbard. Founder of the religion Magictology. It would be an elvish religion. Or maybe an Elvis religion.”

Classic Story Title-1/30/2013

“What kind of a story would be titled ‘To Mock a Killingbird’? I don’t know but I want to read it.”

On Narrative Point of View-1/23/2013

“All my favorite stories had second-person narration! Wait, those were recipes.”

On Careful Writing-1/16/2013

“I’m writing an appendix. I have to write lightly because if I push too hard I might puncture it and it’ll burst.”

Beverage Meat-1/10/2013

“okay yes, in my novels the afterlife has a grim reaper with a blender instead of a scythe and it grinds up your meaty soul into a liquid and tosses it out into space where it becomes part of the big spirit universe or whatever” -1/10/2013

Writing a Story-11/17/2012

“I’ve just wrote the part where everything’s ruined.”

On Twitter Character Limit-4/15/2012

“140!? That’s 1% of my daily outtake of vitamin write!”

On Protagonists-12/23/2010

”One person having the fate of everything resting in their hands is a pretty common, and possibly cliché theme in stories. But you have to remember it was a team effort to get there. Unless… it wasn’t. And they were alone the whole time.”

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