Sausage Links

What what what oh this is just some stuff on the internet you could, should, or might check out.

Twitter: I got a Twitter because apparently those are useful things for a writer to have. I usually use it to toss out random short thoughts I have, like Hamukkah. You can see the recent Tweets on the front page so why am I telling you about this?

Smashwords Profile: You can find available e-books I’ve written here. Author Profile: You can find available physical books I’ve written here.

Patreon: How’d you like to give me five bucks? You can pledge/donate/give money per piece of work I put online here if you’d like, and you can get cool stuff (read: ice cubes??) in return!

Ephix Media: and Site of a friend and fellow writer named LandPhil or something (Phil N. Schipper). His works are usually darker than mine, and for good reason. He also makes games!

The Lair of Mad Goblin: The Lair of Mad Hemoglobin, ran by a man of many names (Bimblesnaff being a prominent one!) Writings, rantings, drawings, comics.

Reality’s End: A site ran by the not-so-minty-fresh Mints. Some type of programming wizard, he has actual games! Also community collaborative writing… that’s in sore need of an update.

NaNoWriMo: I’m on NaNo. National Novel Bots. I wonder if anyone has written a novel for Nano about robots writing for Nano, and called it “NaNo Bots” or something. Because if so, I applaud them. Anyway, I basically write my novels during this so I have eleven other months to revise them.

Deviantart page: For some reason I decided it would be a good idea to do a Pokemon comic in my downtime for a game playthrough. It turned out to be pretty correct!

Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos Youtube: The official Youtube channel for the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos, where videos related to the CCC will be uploaded

Duth Olec Youtube: My personal Youtube channel that will have videos unrelated to the CCC

Facebook page: NEVEEEEEEEEER!!!!!
(Disclaimer: I am not responsible for what that link might go to.)

Duth Olec Wikipedia Page: There’s not one there yet. But someday… someday… Did you mean: Dutch Ole??????????? (UPDATE: searching for duth olec now brings up “dutch oleg”, I dunno cleeps)

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