Pokemon Moon Comic 81: Grand Trial 2

I don’t know if the AI at this point of the game was just dumb or wasn’t program to consider Mimikyu’s ability since you normally can’t get it until the next island but this happened without me even trying to.


Pokemon Moon Comic 80: What?

this is probably one of my more obtuse “let’s just reference something for no reason” comics. At least it’s not just completely self-referential, right?

Pokemon Moon Comic 79: Letter

Seriously, after Diglett’s Grotto I headed to the Ruins of Life because I assumed going into town would result in either plot or the Island Kahuna Battle and instead it resulted in telling me to go to a place I’d just gone to! Where the fig was Olivia when I went over there the first time, game??

also of course olivia writes in Kristen ITC

Pokemon Moon Comic 78: Pikachu

I really like writing for Slick.

Pokemon Moon Comic 77: Bulk Up

More Slick jokes, yay!! A little late on getting this one up though, whoops.

Pokemon Moon Comic 76: Fashion 2

Pretty sure this is the last outfit change for me, though not for my Pokemon!

Pokemon Moon Comic 75: Massage

Apparently Slick just has the ability to transform his costume into other things! Its probably his party hat ears. There’s a precedent for this.

Pokemon Moon Comic 73: Curious About Fashion

At this point the only time you’re gonna see my eyes is when I’m wearing this ridiculous outfit.

Pokemon Moon Comic 72: Spider Fight

I think I’ll abandon this project and start making The Adventures of Frowny Punk Girl instead.

Pokemon Moon Comic 71: That’s a Wrap

It seems dangerous for a Pokemon the size of my fist to use Wrap.