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Hello, and welcome to the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos! I’m Duth Olec, the guy who makes the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos. What is the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos? You can find out about the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos here! I’m going to start abbreviating Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos now!

This site is the hub for the crazy stories of the CCC. Although it’s not yet far past the beginning, the future ahead seems endless. The first CCC Novel, Slubes, is now available for purchase, and the second novel, Darmenzi, is currently being posted in the in-progress, or prog (trust me, this term will def catch on) version as a monthly serial. A slew of profiles on people and places and things in the CCC are also available.


Click the first cover to read about Slubes, the first Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos novel, now available on Amazon in paperback and Smashwords as ebook. Click the second cover to read about Darmenzi, the second Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos novel, the prog (totally catching on!) version of which is available on full on this site. Click on the third cover to read about Wandering Fortunes, the third Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos novel, which is being posted in the prog version on this website in a monthly serial format.

I also have a blaargablog and Twitter for updates on what I’m doing, as well as a Patreon page if anyone out there likes my writing enough to chip in some funds and allow some neat stuff to happen. My novels are also available to read on Wattpad and Medium.

Want to contact me for some reason? Find out how here! Want to contact me for no reason? … Also find out how there!

Hope you have fun! Hope to have fun!